Wednesday, 21 December 2011

What is Bassworx?

What is Bassworx?

For the past 10 years, Bassworx has been built on the principal of offering top quality and innovation in design.  Our enclosures and accessories satisfy the most critical of hobbyist that demands the best, while delivering a ‘WOW’ factor that drives aftermarket enthusiasm.  The product line has also grown into several tiers of enclosures, from ‘fuzzy’ to woofer and vehicle-specific solutions, as well as a complete line of car audio and home cable accessories that challenge the competition. 

Gloss and other cosmetic finishes remain ingrained in our philosophy of offering premium products at reasonable prices.  We strive to raise the bar through each product line to ensure that our end-users get a product that exceeds their expectation.  We maintain top-notch build quality on our enclosures through rabbet and dado construction.  Our installation accessories were conceived with the same philosophy of cutting-edge design and manufacturing quality.

Bassworx will continue to innovate, bringing high quality and cool looking products to the market at a price that is affordable to all audio enthusiasts alike.  If you have any ideas of where we should go next, we’d love to hear from you.

-Bruno Gomes

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  1. I wish you guys l still made the box from about 7 years ago with the screw on face plate . The nice colors and glossy finish . The black look great aswell its just the front port looks sharp wish I could find one single 12 for my alpine type x