Thursday, 29 March 2012

Sealed vs Ported - An Age-Old Debate?

It's exciting to meet someone who is passionate about bass. These people also tend to have their preferences. At Bassworx, we meet some people who swear by their sealed box setup; others who will only ever use a ported box. So which is best?

Fortunately or unfortunately, the answer is: it depends.

Regardless of what you use, it's important that you are at least using an enclosure to help produce a full sound out of your speaker. We've been at this for awhile and are proud to produce both sealed and ported enclosures that reflect our knowledge of sound engineering. The volume of our enclosures are designed to optimize the sound output of your speakers, regardless of the vehicle in which they are installed.

Long story short, a sealed enclosure is designed to create crisp, clear sound. With this type of box, your speakers will produce a "flat" response. Flat response means accurate sound. Your subwoofer will produce nearly the same level of loudness across every frequency. Ported enclosures create a deeper more booming sound, better for hip-hop & dubstep beats. Your sub(s) will produce a more distorted sound, which many people tend to prefer.

It really comes down to preference, and whatever way you shake it down, just play it loud...

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