Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The Matrix

Three years ago now, we introduced an industry first…The Matrix.  Being a leader and innovator in enclosure design and manufacturing, one would expect that Bassworx be the first to develop a tool to help match a subwoofer to an enclosure.  As we all know, just because something fits in a hole doesn't necessarily mean it belongs there.  And I’m not referring to the infamous ‘rabbit hole’!

Joe Saraceno shows the Bassworx 'MATRIX'
that matches subs to enclosures.
Why wouldn’t you drop a sub into just any box?  Well, it’s simply a relationship thing.  All subwoofers are engineered using the same criteria of parameters…also known as Thiele-Small, or TS for short.  When you mash up all those specifications, such as free-air resonance, mechanical and electrical Q, compliance, magnetic flux, etc…etc…etc…you end up with an ‘acoustic transducer’…a speaker…or in our world, a subwoofer.  That said subwoofer will operate within a certain volume to reach it’s safe and optimum performance.  The Matrix will identify what is the ‘perfect’ enclosure to achieve this, as well as rank other enclosures with ratings of ‘great, good, or not recommended’.  If life could just be that easy!

A short year later, we took the Matrix ‘off-online’, sort of speak.  We developed an ‘app’ for the ever-popular iPhone and iPod Touch.  No longer did you need the internet to access our extensive woofer database.  This allowed the Bassworx Matrix for iPhone to be much more accessible to those who need it.  Our dealers now had the opportunity to empower their sales associates with a tool that aids in professionally building subwoofer systems.  And consumers can be sure the sales person will sell them what they need.
The MATRIX for iPhone

The Matrix, as we like to think of it, is there to make the lives of bass-heads that much better.  A happy woofer makes a happy boomer!  You can find this awesome tool on our website, www.bassworx.com/matrix.  Or, find the ‘app’ on iTunes…it’s FREE!

- Bruno Gomes

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