Friday, 25 May 2012

Bassworx New Website Design

Hot Tamales! launched a brand new design for the website in early May, creating a tighter, cleaner online experience for visitors to our site. Many of the links and features from the previous version of the Bassworx website are still present on the new site; though, it's the new stuff we're most excited about.

The new look at
Check out our Products tab where you can find info about all our current enclosures as well as our selection of premium-grade accessories and a specs chart to help people keep it all together. Each of the listed enclosures now includes a detailed write-up as well as a quick list of key features for that model.

In our Distributors section, you'll find a refined and updated version of our Canadian and US car audio retailers, presented via interactive nationwide maps. Everything has been optimized to help locate the Bassworx dealer nearest you!

Our Media section features our latest videos, Bassworx wallpapers and user photos. Do you have an awesome Bassworx setup in your whip? Post a high-res image to our Facebook page and we'll do our best to get it into our website's Media gallery to show off your ride to others.

Naturally, the Matrix is rocking and still helping bassheads avoid the guesswork often involved in choosing the proper enclosure or woofer size. More brands, more options, easier to use. Beautiful. Enjoy.
Bassworx "Graffiti Silos" Wallpaper

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Sealed vs Ported - An Age-Old Debate?

It's exciting to meet someone who is passionate about bass. These people also tend to have their preferences. At Bassworx, we meet some people who swear by their sealed box setup; others who will only ever use a ported box. So which is best?

Fortunately or unfortunately, the answer is: it depends.

Regardless of what you use, it's important that you are at least using an enclosure to help produce a full sound out of your speaker. We've been at this for awhile and are proud to produce both sealed and ported enclosures that reflect our knowledge of sound engineering. The volume of our enclosures are designed to optimize the sound output of your speakers, regardless of the vehicle in which they are installed.

Long story short, a sealed enclosure is designed to create crisp, clear sound. With this type of box, your speakers will produce a "flat" response. Flat response means accurate sound. Your subwoofer will produce nearly the same level of loudness across every frequency. Ported enclosures create a deeper more booming sound, better for hip-hop & dubstep beats. Your sub(s) will produce a more distorted sound, which many people tend to prefer.

It really comes down to preference, and whatever way you shake it down, just play it loud...

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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Car Audio Forums

For enthusiasts, working on their vehicle is a process of continuous improvement. New tires, suspension upgrades, fresh paint jobs or a installing a brand new sound system. When people get "into" cars, they develop a bug that often evolves into a passion. Passionate people talk about their passions and car audio forums are a great for enthusiasts to chat and share with other like-minded individuals.

A screenshot form the 12Volt forum
Technical discussions, troubleshooting, photo galleries, expert guidance, new technologies and product feedback are some of the great subject areas that get lots of useful content into the open when people care post their opinions and get some great tips. Folks love to share the latest upgrades to their cars, which provide great ideas for others who are working on their own systems.

Many threads are very specific which allow users to get very detailed in their discussions. At Bassworx, we can learn a lot about our customers based on the action and topics from the high-traffic forums.

If you're into cars, get involved in some online forums and continue growing your knowledge about car audio systems while feeding your love for great sound! Don't be discouraged if you're new to the 12-volt world - this is a great way to learn. See a list of popular forums below.

Popular Car Audio Forums

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Sound Solutions

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The Matrix

Three years ago now, we introduced an industry first…The Matrix.  Being a leader and innovator in enclosure design and manufacturing, one would expect that Bassworx be the first to develop a tool to help match a subwoofer to an enclosure.  As we all know, just because something fits in a hole doesn't necessarily mean it belongs there.  And I’m not referring to the infamous ‘rabbit hole’!

Joe Saraceno shows the Bassworx 'MATRIX'
that matches subs to enclosures.
Why wouldn’t you drop a sub into just any box?  Well, it’s simply a relationship thing.  All subwoofers are engineered using the same criteria of parameters…also known as Thiele-Small, or TS for short.  When you mash up all those specifications, such as free-air resonance, mechanical and electrical Q, compliance, magnetic flux, etc…etc…etc…you end up with an ‘acoustic transducer’…a speaker…or in our world, a subwoofer.  That said subwoofer will operate within a certain volume to reach it’s safe and optimum performance.  The Matrix will identify what is the ‘perfect’ enclosure to achieve this, as well as rank other enclosures with ratings of ‘great, good, or not recommended’.  If life could just be that easy!

A short year later, we took the Matrix ‘off-online’, sort of speak.  We developed an ‘app’ for the ever-popular iPhone and iPod Touch.  No longer did you need the internet to access our extensive woofer database.  This allowed the Bassworx Matrix for iPhone to be much more accessible to those who need it.  Our dealers now had the opportunity to empower their sales associates with a tool that aids in professionally building subwoofer systems.  And consumers can be sure the sales person will sell them what they need.
The MATRIX for iPhone

The Matrix, as we like to think of it, is there to make the lives of bass-heads that much better.  A happy woofer makes a happy boomer!  You can find this awesome tool on our website,  Or, find the ‘app’ on iTunes…it’s FREE!

- Bruno Gomes

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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

What is Bassworx?

What is Bassworx?

For the past 10 years, Bassworx has been built on the principal of offering top quality and innovation in design.  Our enclosures and accessories satisfy the most critical of hobbyist that demands the best, while delivering a ‘WOW’ factor that drives aftermarket enthusiasm.  The product line has also grown into several tiers of enclosures, from ‘fuzzy’ to woofer and vehicle-specific solutions, as well as a complete line of car audio and home cable accessories that challenge the competition. 

Gloss and other cosmetic finishes remain ingrained in our philosophy of offering premium products at reasonable prices.  We strive to raise the bar through each product line to ensure that our end-users get a product that exceeds their expectation.  We maintain top-notch build quality on our enclosures through rabbet and dado construction.  Our installation accessories were conceived with the same philosophy of cutting-edge design and manufacturing quality.

Bassworx will continue to innovate, bringing high quality and cool looking products to the market at a price that is affordable to all audio enthusiasts alike.  If you have any ideas of where we should go next, we’d love to hear from you.

-Bruno Gomes

Friday, 2 December 2011

Who is Bassworx?

"Who am I?"  - Derek Zoolander

Who is Bassworx?

The company was born of a vision to offer premium enclosures at a price that would rival the ‘fuzzy box’. Having come up from the install bay myself, where I built my share of carpet enclosures, I knew that we were on to something.  Car audio enthusiasts had but one option for a cosmetically enhanced design - custom fabrication.  That was a solution that most simply could not afford.

Bassworx stepped in with the answer…and it came in the form of lacquer painted front baffle enclosures offered in a multitude of colours.  The ‘glossy’ box, as many called it, used a baffle that recessed the woofer to appear custom installed, while achieving a price that was as affordable as an ‘installer-built’ carpet enclosure.  Had you asked your local 12 volt shop to build one, it would have cost you 3 or 4 times the price.

With the power of mass production, we jumped both feet into what would become a ‘revolution’ in pre-fabricated enclosures.  Since then, Bassworx has grown leaps and bounds, selling it’s enclosures to more than 20 countries around the world.  Our cosmetically enhanced designs put Bassworx on the map, and would soon catch the eyes of our competitors.  As they say, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”.

- Bruno Gomes

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Woofer and Midrange

Let's look at the guts of the Woofer and the Midrange.

The woofer is normally the largest driver in a speaker cabinet and it is designed to produce the low frequencies, like those associated with a bass or drum for music or thunder and explosions in home theater. A midrange looks just like the woofer but is typically smaller. The midrange band of frequencies produces the sounds to which the human ear is particularly sensitive, like vocals in music and dialog in home theater.


Magnet: The donut shaped magnet surrounds the pole piece to create a magnetic field.

Voice Coil: The voice coil is made of two parts: The cylinder or former, which fits over the pole piece, and the copper wire wound around it. It is the driving element of a dynamic driver. Electrical current through the wire creates a magnetic field that interacts with the fixed field of the magnet, causing the voice coil assembly to move.

Pole Piece: Part of the magnet assembly, the voice coil fits over the pole piece.

Spider: A ridged, material suspension that holds the voice coil in place and provided alinear motion.

Cone: The conical shaped diaphragm that physically moves the air to produce sound. It is suspended at its periphery by a surround and at its neck by a spider.

Surround: The compliant suspension at the outer edge of a cone that permits it to move.

Basket: The framework of a dynamic driver