Friday, 25 May 2012

Bassworx New Website Design

Hot Tamales! launched a brand new design for the website in early May, creating a tighter, cleaner online experience for visitors to our site. Many of the links and features from the previous version of the Bassworx website are still present on the new site; though, it's the new stuff we're most excited about.

The new look at
Check out our Products tab where you can find info about all our current enclosures as well as our selection of premium-grade accessories and a specs chart to help people keep it all together. Each of the listed enclosures now includes a detailed write-up as well as a quick list of key features for that model.

In our Distributors section, you'll find a refined and updated version of our Canadian and US car audio retailers, presented via interactive nationwide maps. Everything has been optimized to help locate the Bassworx dealer nearest you!

Our Media section features our latest videos, Bassworx wallpapers and user photos. Do you have an awesome Bassworx setup in your whip? Post a high-res image to our Facebook page and we'll do our best to get it into our website's Media gallery to show off your ride to others.

Naturally, the Matrix is rocking and still helping bassheads avoid the guesswork often involved in choosing the proper enclosure or woofer size. More brands, more options, easier to use. Beautiful. Enjoy.
Bassworx "Graffiti Silos" Wallpaper